Despite Constitutional protection Indian Muslims becoming increasingly marginalised

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Abdulhafiz Lakhani

India’s approximately 200 million Muslims have long lived on the margins, with episodic religious violence forcing them to seek shelter in ghettos. Since the coming to power of Modi’s BJP in 2014, the community has become increasingly marginalised, face systematic discrimination, prejudice, and violence, despite constitutional protections.

Experts say the silent migration of Muslims from “mixed” areas and further segregation of the community would expedite the near-total alienation.

“This, of course, is not a new phenomenon,” said Suchitra Vijayan, a New York-based lawyer and author of Midnight’s Borders, A people’s history of modern India.

“Sometimes a household, because of violence, is forced to move multiple times and it is so common amongst marginalised Muslim community in India. The community has earlier been also forced to migrate in large numbers to the Muslim-only enclaves or ghettos after violence perpetuated against them during Gujarat pogrom (2002), Nellie massacre (1983) or more recently in Delhi 2020

A 2006 report by the federal government-appointed Sachar judicial committee pointed out that “fearing for their security, Muslims are increasingly resorting to living in ghettos across the country.”

Violence in India between Hindus, who make up some 80% of the population, and Muslims, the country’s largest minority, punctuate the history of the world’s largest democracy. Even under India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who envisioned a secular nation where all India’s religions could live in harmony, sporadic religious violence broke out. (During the partition of British India into Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India in 1947, as many as two million people died.) But under Modi, the most powerful Hindu nationalist Prime Minister in Indian history, the violence has taken on a new, imbalanced, dimension.

The Hindu nationalist alliance that Modi represents avowedly sees India as a “Hindu nation,” and as Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2002, Modi was accused of instructing police not to prevent a pogrom in which thousands of Muslims were killed. When he was elected in 2014, there was a sharp uptick in lynchings of Muslims. Since being reelected with an even bigger majority in May 2019, his government has “moved on to larger-scale, if still localized, state-sanctioned mob violence,” says Sumantra Bose, professor of international and comparative politics at the London School of Economics. “This is a natural progression, given the nature, logic and purpose of the Modi-Shah government.

Since Modi’s reelection in 2019, the government has pushed controversial policies that critics say explicitly ignore Muslims’ rights and are effectively intended to disenfranchise millions of Muslims. The moves have sparked protests in India and drawn international condemnation.

Here is listing out a few of the details from the abuses hurled at the Muslims of this country, a shameful act which is going on unabashedly:

What we saw at Jantar Mantar is not new in so called ” New India”. Anti Muslim slogans in posh and high security zone is matter of concern. It is more serious as this is being happened in capital of country. Anti Muslim feelings and hatred are at highest peak in the country. Violent Islamophobic sloganeering is not new to Delhi. The sloganeering and the sustained hate campaign had led to Delhi’s Pogrom of 2020.

At the start of 2020, the likes of Anurag Thakurs, Kapil Mishras, Parvesh Vermas gave speech after speech, in the capital city, New Delhi, abusing and mouthing the absolutely unthinkable for the minority community.

At the start of 2019, Ananth Kumar Hedge came up with the threat — “hands that touch Hindu girls should be chopped off!” Before that, he had publicly said, “Till Islam is in the world there can be no end to terrorism!”

In 2018, Right-Wing MP, Vinay Katiyar, said loud and clear that the Indian Muslims ought to go Pakistan!

And in 2017, Sakshi Maharaj unleashed sheer poisonous propaganda that Muslim men marry 4 times and produce 40 children!

Then Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti went to the extent of heaping gutter abuses along the Haramzada strain, on the Muslim community.

In 2016, BJP MP from Fatehpur Sikri, Babu Lal, and also BJP MP from Agra, Ram Shankar Katheria, (who was then Minister of State in the HRD Ministry, GOI) went to the extent of labelling Muslims “demons …descendants of Ravana”. All this in the open, in public speeches!

Sangeet Som’s communal speeches in Western Uttar Pradesh, threatening to ignite violence can’t be overlooked. Implicated in the Muzaffanagar riots of 2013, he was also accused of stoking communal tensions in Dadri’s Bisada village after the killing of Mohammed Akhlaq.

And BJP’s MLA from the Goshamahal constituency in Hyderabad, T Raja Singh, could get away even after mouthing death threats to all those who come in way of the Ram Temple construction. “If there is anybody who has the guts to say he would stop the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, let him come forward. I challenge that I will behead him…Until now, Uttar Pradesh had witnessed timid governments. Now, you have the powerful government. Baap ki sarkaar!” he had said.

And just days after stating that India would become a Hindu nation by 2024, Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Surendra Singh came up with communal taunts, “those who desisted from saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ are Pakistanis!”

Tragically, none of these abusive characters were arrested!I Infact, every single week, communal onslaughts and targeted attacks are taking place.

Recently in this week we saw two attacks on Muslims in Indore and Dewas in MP and thrashing in Ajmer, Rajasthan and UP.

Since Modi’s reelection in 2019, the government has pushed controversial policies that critics say explicitly ignore Muslims’ rights and are effectively intended to disenfranchise millions of Muslims.



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